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A Bold Technique That Creates Miracles August 12, 2009

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Hawaiian Teachings of Ho’oponopono: Ancient Healing Technique

Dr. Hew Len, PhD is a psychologist who healed all of the criminally insane in a mental hospital in Hawaii without seeing a single patient.

After reading their charts he would repeat the four lines to “The Divine.”
I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. After Dr. Len healed the patients that ward of the hospital was closed.

Problems that show up in our minds are replayed memories of our past. The Ho’oponopono method erases toxic thoughts and painful memories.

This method requires us to believe all problems begin with “me.” I have to take 100% responsibility for or having a problem or situation in my life.

“I am sorry for the erroneous thoughts within me that have caused the problem for me and for ____________. (fill in the blank with name of person you would normally blame for the problem.)”-Dr. Len

When we own the problem and repeat the four lines our despair in the situation turns to love. Love creates miracles.

There is no need to worry or focus on the situation or other person because when I cleanse our own thoughts the other will heal as I heal myself.

Again the main component of Ho’oponopono is if the issue or problem person is in my experience I am responsible.

I have been using this method with my family, friends and and neighbors. I have used it with situations such as the war, the economy, my aging parents and their ailments.

When my daughter is angry at me I repeat the four lines. When I disagree with someone I repeat the four lines. When someone cuts me off in traffic, I repeat the four lines. When I don’t have enough knowledge to make my blog a success I repeat the four lines. When I don’t get Twitter I repeat the four lines.

Doing this cleanses my mind. I will then be in a place where I can be inspired by God, the Divine, or the Universe.

Dr. Len says you can repeat the lines to animals, your body, and innate objects. For example before a workshop he will say them in relationship to the room and the chairs. It cleans or clears the air.

By now you get the picture: I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. Say it repeatedly throughout your waking hours. Your miracles await you!

You will experience wonder in every moment.
Your level of love for yourself will go to a new level.
Your experience of love for the world will be profound.


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