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51 Tips for Living The Good Life August 12, 2009

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A couple of weeks ago I bought a new baseball cap from the “Life is good” store for running in the hot arizona sun. I love the products and have always thought those guys were brilliant for coming up with this happy stuff.

It makes me smile just looking at it. I started to wonder why my life was so good and how it got that way. I believe most of it comes from the following life lessons or core beliefs I believe in and live.

Learn to want what you have

Before making a decision ask and listen for guidance

Refuse to waste anything

Be original and authentic

Pay yourself first and put it in your savings account

Life is too short to be mad at anyone about anything

Create personal boundaries

Learn how to calm yourself

You have a right to be different and think differently than others

Be generous. You can’t out give God.

What others think of me is none of my business

Use deep breathing to reduce anxiety and worry

Believe in yourself

Treat yourself like your own best friend

Exercise & eating right will keep you healthy

Accept and love the size and shape of your body

Heal your past

Tell others you love them often

Give up being a victim

You can love difficult people from a distance

Don’t wait to be rescued and don’t rescue others

Take 100 % responsibility for your life

Give up entitlement

The world doesn’t owe you

Less is more

Changing your thoughts will change your mood

Always have big fat dreams for yourself

Learn to lighten up and enjoy life

One expensive piece of chocolate is better than an entire box

Don’t be afraid to ask for and receive help

Simplify your life

Eliminate clutter

You learn more by listening than talking

Everyone has a story

Nature will heal you

Lower your expectations of others and you won’t be disappointed

Comparing yourself to others creates suffering

Your thoughts, words and actions will come back to you

Never stop reading, learning or growing

Having an affair won’t solve your problems

Feel your emotions and allow others to feel theirs

Love your children enough to allow them to hate you

When you reveal a secret you can count on someone telling three others

Choose happiness over being right

What you judge others for today you will find yourself doing tomorrow

Always leave a generous tip

Make others feel important

Everyone wants to know they matter

We are all here learning how to love and be loved

Difficult people teach us how to love unconditionally

It’s all about love…tell everyone

What would you add to the list that makes your life work?

If I asked you why your life is good how would you respond?

I’m going to put my new hat on and go for a run now! Life is good…

By Tess – The Bold Life


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